The ninth edition of the Workforce in Large Scale Mining in Chile study

2023-2032 Workforce Study in the Chilean Large-Scale Mining Industry

The ninth version of the Workforce Study in the Chilean Large-Scale Mining Industry, conducted by the CCM-Eleva Alliance in direct collaboration with the companies in the sector, presents results that describe the current state of the mining industry in terms of human capital issues, focusing mainly on the characteristics of the workforce, in addition to providing an estimate of the demand for human capital, the supply of training and the existing gaps for the next decade.

With the participation of 16 mining companies and 11 supplier companies, the sample of 78.149 workers in the large mining industry is composed of 55.446 internal workers, which corresponds to 96% of the estimated universe of workers in mining companies, plus a sample of 22.703 workers from supplier companies in the main value chain.

Although the analyses of the study cover the staffing of all the industry’s processes, special emphasis is placed on the processes and profiles that make up the Main Value Chain, which corresponds to the Extraction, Processing, and Maintenance processes of these areas.

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  • Vladimir Glasinovic
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